Rodenstock Biometric Progressive Lenses Support Your Eyes And Brain
Rodenstock Biometric Progressive Lenses Support Your Eyes And Brain

Rodenstock Biometric Progressive Lenses Support Your Eyes And Brain

February 02, 2022
Daniel Feldman
Rodenstock Biometric Lenses

Perfect vision is a matter of mentality

How and what we see not only depends on the strength of our own eyes, it also helps the brain make optimal decisions. Rodenstock glasses with biometric progressive lenses have been designed by considering vision as a whole, thereby providing the brain with the best possible information. It all starts with an individual ocular measurement, known as the DNEye® scanner, which Rodenstock is the first lens manufacturer to perform using the latest technology. As a result, Rodenstock can offer the most precise biometric progressive lenses on the market.

There’s more to vision than our eyes

For the brain to process optical impressions, they must be converted into electrical impulses. The eye takes on this task: The light entering through the cornea and pupil is bundled by the lens and projected through the vitreous body onto the approximately 130 million visual cells of the retina, which convert it into electrical impulses for the brain. Essentially, the retina is a part of the brain that has developed outward and become sensitive to light during evolution. The photoreceptors are most densely clustered in an area of about 1.5 millimeters in the center of the retina. But it’s not just this area, where vision is sharpest, that contributes to the big picture: Our eyes are constantly moving, about 250,000 times a day, and also deliver sensory impressions from the periphery, or the “corners of the eye,” to our brain.

The brain compares all images it receives with information it has stored over the course of a lifetime. Based on all this data, it forms the visual impressions that we perceive in a fraction of a second.

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