January 01, 2022
Daniel Feldman

EPILUXURY was born from a single question: “What is luxury?”

DITA Group CEO Micky Dhillon posed that question in 2015, as DITA celebrated 20 years as one of the leaders in a luxury marketplace it no longer recognized. “It took us on a four-year vision quest of design, engineering, and development for us to have a product that answered our own self-imposed challenge,” says Dhillon.

A lack of easy answers resulted in the ambition to create a new segment of luxury. The goal is in it’s name: ‘EPI’ from the Greek, meaning “above” and “luxury”. Loosely translated, EPILUXURY means “above luxury.” “It’s an audacious idea, but we wanted to set our own standards to live up to. In the end, it’s about respect for niche expertise. The intent for EPILUXURY is to partner with some of the best of the best in their chosen field to create radical products and services. It’s about pushing the craft forward,” The evidence is all around us, from ‘luxury’ automotive, to ‘luxury’ t-shirts and ‘luxury’ dog bowls. EPILUXURY is a response to an industry attempting to elevate the banal through logos alone.

“We launched the concept of EPILUXURY with eyewear because it’s where our expertise lies. But there is no reason there couldn’t be EPILUXURY skincare or a fragrance where we seek out an incredible perfumer to partner with. We are just looking to do something different,” says Michael Castillo, Head of Design DITA Group. DITA-EPILUXURY consists of six frames formed from natural, precious, and technical materials, all uniquely engineered to serve as both essential accessories and transmutable objects of desire.

What defines DITA-EPILUXURY as EPILUXURY? All EPILUXURY products must adhere to five key tenets, the symbols of which act as an ever-present reminder in their logo:



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